The Project

With the Land project, we want to protect the forest and its inhabitants. In concrete terms, this means that we want to enable the Huni Kuin to co-establish and manage a reserve of about 16,000 hectares of land in Jordão. The land is located between the Huni Kuin’s land and uncontacted groups that live in voluntary isolation. The area shall provide a protected home for both groups.


Thankfully, only a small share of the land is farmland that must be reforested. Most of the land is well-preserved primary forest. Together with the Huni Kuin, we will create a reserve that benefits both wildlife and the human population.


The possibilities on projects on the land are manifold. Surely, the protection of wildlife and food security for the Huni Kuin are the most important issues. In addition, the Huni Kuin may use the land to create income by regenerative projects such as agroforestry. The prosperity of people without the destruction of the forest is possible. If we support the Huni Kuin, we give them, the rainforest and our earth a future.

It is not too late

With your donation, we will be able to acquire up to 16,000 hectares of land in the municipality of Jordão with a local foundation and create a true protected area for the forest and its inhabitants.

You can either donate online (see below) or by bank transfer to:

Living Gaia e.V.
IBAN: DE48 4306 0967 1150 1986 00
Subject: Amazon Land Project