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The Project

In harmony with nature

Living Gaia e. V. encourages exchange between Indigenous Amazonian and non-Indigenous cultures. The non-profit association’s latest project gives the Huni Kuin, an indigenous people in the Brazilian state of Acre, a voice and supports them in protecting their homes – the Amazon rainforest.

It’s a cause of global significance, because standing up for indigenous groups like the Huni Kuin means contributing to the protection of the rainforest.

Brazil’s forests are on fire

The Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest on earth. But the green lungs of our planet are under threat. In the past years there have been more forest fires than ever before and every day several thousand hectares of forest are being lost. The consequences: More and more animal species are becoming extinct, the global climate is warming and regional weather extremes are becoming more frequent.

The situation is critical

As satellite images show, Indigenous territories have a high potential to resist deforestation. The pressure on these lands, however, has dramatically increased since the Bolsonaro government from 2018-2022.

Although Brazil’s new President Lula da Silva promised to end deforestation, this is difficult to realize. The agribusiness remains Brazil’s most influential sector. Illegal mining and logging operated by internationally operating criminal organizations pose additional threats to the Amazonian ecosystems. The habitat of the Huni Kuin is in danger.

It is not too late yet

We can do something: An effective way to protect the Huni Kuin and their home, the rainforest, is through land purchase. With your donation, a land of 16.000 hectares can be acquired land in the community of Jordão. It will be managed by a local foundation with representation of the Huni Kuin. This way, a real protected area for the forest and its inhabitants is being created.

These are the next steps

Together with the Huni Kuin and our partners, the Instituto Yubekã, we will implement the following projects on the land

Establishing a foundation

In order to permanently secure the land from exploitation, it is transferred to a foundation. This is currently in the process of founding. Representatives of Living Gaia e.V., the Instituto Yubekã, and the Huni Kuin will be represented on the board of trustees. In the long term, the Huni Kuin should have full autonomy over the land.

Huni Kuin

Biodiversity Management

The newly established conservation area is intended to help the flora and fauna in the region recover. The first step is a biodiversity inventory. Based on this, we create a management plan for sustainable use together with the local population, based on the “Reserva Extrativista” model.

Huni Kuin


In order to keep the area permanently protected from illegal clearing and removal of animals and plants, we will monitor it using satellite data and remote sensing. In addition, the local population will contribute to the monitoring with the help of interactive apps.

Huni Kuin

Agroforest systems and food security

Guaranteeing local food security is a key priority. A plan for an agroforestry system has already been drawn up. In the next phase, this will be implemented together with the people living in the countryside. In addition, we will encourage the breeding of small animals to protect the endemic species.

Huni Kuin


800 of the 16.000 hectares of the land are deforested. The still forested area is partly degraded. Reforestation is urgently needed to protect the land from erosion and to preserve biodiversity. Currently, we are reforesting large parts of the former cattle pasture in collaboration with our local partners. Native hardwood species are thereby protected from extinction while fruit trees contribute to increased income and food security of local people.

Huni Kuin

Huni Kuin


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