The Huni Kuin

Huni Kuin means “the real people”.  The Huni Kuin have preserved their traditional language, their cosmology, and the ancient knowledge of plants until today. Their culture is intrinsically interwoven with the Amazon rainforest, which they protect with all their power.

Unfortunately, the history of the Huni Kuin is marked by great suffering, which begins with the first contact with Western civilization about a century ago and continues to this day: at that time, they suffered forced labor, displacement, and genocide. Today, it is mainly racism, poverty and human greed that threaten their lives and destroy their habitat. More and more pieces of forest are becoming victims of fire to make room for cattle and soy plantations.

One solution to protect the forest is through the purchase of land. This measure has become increasingly necessary as the Brazilian government designates fewer and fewer Indigenous territories. In close collaboration with the Huni Kuin of Jordão, we are acquiring a land adjacent to their reserve to expand their territory. The land will be owned by a foundation with the purpose to empower the Huni Kuin protecting their home.

Let’s support the Huni Kuin and help protect the Amazon rainforest together!