Living Gaia e.V.

Alexandra has been working with the Huni Kuin in the state of Acre in the Amazon region since 2013. She founded the non-profit association Living Gaia e.V. to collect donations for various projects to support the Huni Kuin.

The aim of the association is to protect the knowledge and wisdom of indigenous cultures and to create places of cultural exchange. The land purchase project is the association’s largest project to date.


Founder & Chairwoman of the Board

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I am Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling, born in 1964, author, economist, psychologist, senior and teaching coach as well as founder and managing director of Coaching Spirale GmbH in Berlin and the Holistic Healing Biotope Living Gai in the Chapada dos Veadeiros in Goias, Brazil. I am a mother of three and a grandmother. The earth is very important to me. I would like a culture that is more humane and more friendly to life in many areas. I wish for more balance between male and female principles in every person as well as in the economic and social structures around the world. For me, both concerns belong together. In June 2013 I traveled to Jordao for the first time and quickly became friends with Sia Huni Kuin’s family. A collaboration developed and so at the end of 2013 I founded the Living Gaia e.V. association to support the Huni Kuin and the preservation of the forest.


Project Manager “Land Purchase Project”

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My name is Simon Knoop. I was born in 1990. The question that concerns me most is: “How can we live in harmony with nature?” Since 2016 I have lived and worked with indigenous societies in Brazil. With the Pataxó, I produced a documentary film, and as part of my Masters in Primate Conservation, I developed a scientific study on the impact of evangelical missionary work on the Maraguá’s relationship with their environment. Since these experiences, I am convinced that in the cooperation of indigenous and non-indigenous societies lies a key for the healing of the planet. At Living Gaia e.V. I have the opportunity to help create a concrete place where this collaboration takes place.


Bridge to the Huni Kuin Women, Co-Founder and Project Manager “Ainbu Dayá

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I am a psychologist, naturopath and coach. For the past 8-9 years I have worked with, studied, and at times lived in the forest with the Huni Kuin people. 
With the Huni Kuin, I have observed how the outside world has affected their culture, especially in terms of gender equality. This is despite the fact that much of the spiritual work, traditions and knowledge is traditionally done by women. This reinforced my belief in the importance of supporting and working with women.
Being familiar with the Huni Kuin and rooted in Brazil and Europe, I see it as my task to create a bridge between the women of these different societies, especially through ceremonial work, organization and communication.


Administration, Consulting & Team Support


I was born in Berlin in 1987. In 2015 I met Alexandra and her family, since then a multi-layered friendship has developed. When I decided to cancel my sails in Hamburg as a speech therapist in 2017, I traveled to Brazil for the first time and participated in the Encontro on Living Gaia, the healing biotope. Afterwards I visited the Amazon of Acre and dived deeper into the
indigenous culture of the Huni Kuin. Both places with their different, beautiful nature and people gave me many (self-)insights and inspirations.

I want to support the Huni Kuin women, promote intercultural exchange and protect our planet! My voluntary work for Living Gaia e.V. connects and puts this into reality piece by piece.

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