5,300 hectares can be purchased!

Pedro and Rodrigo our partners in Brazil have had the land documents checked by lawyers. It turns out that the documents currently allow the immediate purchase of 5,300 hectares of the territory. For the remaining 11,500 hectares, the owner still has to submit the legal papers later. This will certainly boost the moment when the money is on the table from our side. 

Since the group from Rio has no money available at the moment, we plan to buy the first piece of land from the owner within the next 6 months at the price of 300 Rs. / hectare, which I originally agreed with him. So to buy these 5,300 hectares we need a total of 250,000 Euros, of which we already have 120,000. Since we unfortunately also have our own expenses, we are only making slow progress. This will hopefully change soon with the support of Panorama3000. It is important to keep in mind that the purchase of these 5.300 hectares is only the first step. We definitely want to make a contract with the owner for the rest of the territory, so that we can buy the rest (11.800 hectares) as soon as we have the money. For this we need another 500.000 Euro just to buy the land. Then the reforestation of the cut down parts (about 300 hectares) will start. So there is still a lot to do and we are working our way forward.

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